Philippe Bosset Dulcimer Strings, DUL1222

Philippe Bosset Dulcimer Strings, DUL1222

Model: DUL1222
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Cousin of the French “épinette des Vosges” and belonging to the zither family, the dulcimer was originally born in northern Europe, before migrating to the heart of Appalachian America.

Its name comes from the old French ”doulce melle“, which means literally ”sweet melody” …

This instrument with a complex history had almost disappeared, when he returned to the stages of the world because of a renewed interest in folk music in the 70s.

Aware that the dulcimer was essentially criticized because of his inherently feeble volume, Philippe Bosset has had the idea to create special strings with a 99% pure nickel winding, which generate a bright sound, rich in overtones, yet respectful of the engaging personality of the instrument.

Thus, the dulcimer can make its voice heard, without abandoning its rich traditional past.

Guages: .012, .012 .014,.022w


  • Model: DUL1222
  • Manufactured by: Philippe Bosset
  • Condition: New

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