V-Picks Lite Small Pointed 1.5mm, One Guitar Pick

V-Picks Lite Small Pointed 1.5mm, One Guitar Pick

Model: V Lite Sm
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This guitar pick is the best replacement for small jazz picks or plectrums. It gets a crisp, bright, yet full tone with a wonderful mid-range. You'll hear the difference immediately! This pick never moves around in your hand, it grips your fingers. No more slipping or dropping your guitar pick! This relaxes the muscles in your hand and allows freedom of movement, which helps you play faster and more accurately. The pick is symmetrical, which gives you 3 times the wear and playability. An outstanding pick if you love a small sized guitar or mandolin pick with a point.

"The V-Picks small lite pointed has been my sole go-to pick since 2011. I can't play anything else now! The tone is meaty (thickens up light gauge strings) and the pick attack is strong and quick. The size is perfect for how I hold a guitar pick, which is very close to the attack point. It's amazing what a little pick will do!"
-Ben Richey, Operations Director | SBM

"I find the performance and tone of V-Picks to be extremely expressive and dynamic. Each pick has it's own anomalous qualities. My preference is the Screamer, however each individual model allows each player to articulate their own unique pick attack."
-Rodney James, SBM Staff


  • Model: V Lite Sm
  • Manufactured by: V-Picks
  • Condition: New

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