Watters | Exploring Classical Mandolin - Technique & Repertoire

Watters | Exploring Classical Mandolin - Technique & Repertoire

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Exploring Classical Mandolin | Technique & Repertoire
By August Watters

Learn the techniques, common practices, and essential repertoire of the classical mandolin.

In this book, you will learn long-established mandolin techniques and their contemporary applications. You will discover gems from the classical mandolin literature, and familiar classical melodies arranged for mandolin. You will also gain insights into how to arrange your own musical ideas, including classical melodies, for solo mandolin. This book and its online videos and play-along audio tracks will help to enhance your understanding of the greater context of mandolin traditions. Additional notation is provided for arrangements of small mandolin and guitar ensembles.

You will:

  • Learn mandolin techniques drawn across several centuries and worldwide traditions, particularly North America, Germany, Italy, France, and Japan
  • Study articulation, picking, and arpeggio practices, including alternate picking, rest strokes, glide strokes, compound picking patterns, tremolos, trills, and more
  • Master fretboard logistics through the study of scales, chords, and position playing
  • Explore advanced techniques such as split-string and duo-style playing
  • Consider ornamentation, interpretation, and improvisation in classical styles

Repertoire includes music for solo mandolin and small mandolin ensembles at varying levels of difficulty:

  • 25 classical mandolin pieces by Fouchetti, Barbella, Denis, Beethoven, Mozart, Nakano, and others
  • 14 mandolin arrangements of classical favorites by Bach, Telemann, Beethoven, Puccini, Foster, Dvořák, and others
  • Original etudes and concert music composed by the author
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    • Model: 19316 / HL00125040
    • Manufactured by: Hal Leonard
    • Condition: New
    • UPC: 884088986698
    • ISBN: 9780876391624

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