Aquila Romantic Gut and Silk 800, Full Set

Aquila Romantic Gut and Silk 800, Full Set

Model: 73C
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Authentic gut trebles and silk wound basses. This set historically represents strings as used on guitars from the era of Sor, Giuliani, and Aguado. *Should not be used on modern, full scale length instruments. Please consult the manufacturer's website for instructions of use if you have not previously used this type of string.

Up to the middle of the 20th century, the only available strings for guitar were plain gut for Trebles and wound on silk core for Basses. Their acoustical performance was quite different from that of modern synthetic strings. The salient characteristics were a marked tonal presence and brightness, typical of gut strings (certainly superior to plain nylon and in some respects closer to fluocarbon strings) while silver-plated copper wound basses, on the other hand, possessed an exquisitely vocal quality, i.e. more centered on the fundamental harmonics, not as bright and with less sustain, as compared to modern nylon core wound strings.


  • Model: 73C
  • Manufactured by: Aquila
  • Condition: New

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