D'Addario 50CL000 Black Classical Strap

D'Addario 50CL000 Black Classical Strap

Model: 50CL000 UPC: 019954962050
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The Planet Waves classical guitar strap in black nylon is meant to be looped over your head and rest on the back of your neck. The other end has a hard-plastic hook that holds your guitar gently in an almost horizontal position by grasping the guitar's soundhole without interfering with the strings.
You can also loop it around your shoulder instead of your neck. Ukulele players can also adjust to fit and use this strap.

If you're tired of sitting down with your classical guitar while hoisting it up with your knee—stand on up and let the Planet Waves nylon strap do the hoisting while you impress your listeners!

A sturdy, hard plastic tri-glide adjustment means you can get your classical guitar in just the right position for your playing comfort.

Dimensions: 2" W x approximately 25" to 29" L (depending on how tight or loose you wear the strap around your neck).


  • Model: 50CL000
  • Manufactured by: D'Addario Accessories
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 019954962050

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