Dyens | Libra Sonatine Pour Guitare for solo guitar

Dyens | Libra Sonatine Pour Guitare for solo guitar

Model: 4677 / 24794HL / 564-01153 ISBN: 9790230947947
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Although very different from the "Tango en skai", this piece has also brought me a certain measure of fame as a composer, and has been recorded dozens of times. It was originally written for guitar, double bass and percussion, following a major operation I underwent in the early 1980s. Its three movements are an explicit portrayal of that very particular period of my life: first the chaotic "India" (before the operation), then the "Largo" (during it) and finally the "Fuoco", in which the unrestrained rhythms depict a veritable incarnation of my return to life (and several guitarists often play this last movement as an independent piece). I can but be grateful for the success of the "Libra Sonatine", a triptych which has familiar sounds for today's youth at the crossroads of this new and changing century. (R.D.)


  • Model: 4677 / 24794HL / 564-01153
  • Manufactured by: Theodore-Presser
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 9790230947947

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