John Pearse Handmade Sarod Pick, one - Thumb

John Pearse Handmade Sarod Pick, one - Thumb

Model: rw dimple
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The exciting Rosewood SAROD Picks from John Pearse are handmade in India by craftsmen who are experts in the fashioning of exotic woods. One side of the pick has a hand carved thumb indent and the other side is smooth and plain.

Just hold one of the these painstakingly carved picks in your hand and hear for yourself the magic that has been concealed within your guitar.

Being handmade, there may be a natural variance of 31 mm to 34 mm in length from pick to pick.

Traditional musicians in Northern India originally fashioned picks from coconut shell to play the Sarod, a multi-stringed fretless relative of the sitar and the rebab. In later years, the picks have been reduced in size and many players of the modern sarod have abandoned the coconut picks in favor of a new, more compact, pick made from ebony or rosewood. European and American musicians traveling in India in the sixties brought these unique picks back with them and soon guitarists were discovering that they made superb picks for jazz! The tone that they produced was full and rich and immeasurably stronger than that produced by a celluloid, nylon--or even a tortoise-shell pick.


  • Model: rw dimple
  • Manufactured by: John Pearse Accessories
  • Condition: New

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