Kappel | The Bible of Classical Guitar Technique for Solo Guitar

Kappel | The Bible of Classical Guitar Technique for Solo Guitar

Model: H- 16586 / 610425E UPC: 4018262204254 ISBN: 9783899221916
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The Bible of Classical Guitar Technique by Hubert Kappel

This is more than ‘just’ a book about technique. Hubert Käppel, a worldwide-recognised and successful classical concert guitarist, is one of the most exceptional artists in his field. His reputation as an instrumentalist and a guitar teacher is not disputed. He was the only German among the award winners at the “Concorso Internazionale di Interpretazione” and since then has played on concert tours across the globe. He has been leading Europe’s most successful guitar class at the Cologne University of Music for some time, started the “International Guitar Seminar Frechen/Colonge” and is a sought-after judge at international guitar competitions.

He left himself more than two decades to publish his “The Bible of Classical Guitar Technique”, so that he could pour all of his teaching experience, which spans more than four decades, into his work. This is how a 246-page strong course book came into being, which will deliver material for guitarists for many years to come.

Of the book’s three large sections, the second, practical part makes up the bulk, containing many technique exercises (arpeggios, scale exercises, hammer-ons and pull-offs with the left hand, tremolo, flamenco techniques, speed training, vibrato techniques and dynamic exercises). This technical part is framed by theoretical topics: in the “Prerequisites and Basics”, Hubert Käppel gives detailed tips for effective and systematic practice and how to move when playing. In the third part, the ‘important topics’ of fingering techniques and memory training for playing by heart are tackled and comprehensive plans for daily practice cycles are presented. Through the meticulous system used when putting this book together, it has been possible to do without an index because of how detailed the contents page is.

Even the topic of stage fright hasn’t been forgotten by Hubert Kappel, which makes this integral work perfectly suited to accompanying advanced guitarists through music schools or university and preparing them for concerts.


  • Model: H- 16586 / 610425E
  • Manufactured by: Edition Margaux
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 4018262204254
  • ISBN: 9783899221916

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