Spider Capo Harmonik Gloves/Mutes

Spider Capo Harmonik Gloves/Mutes

Model: Spider Capo Mutes UPC: 798304240610
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SpiderCapo Harmonik Gloves/Mutes

The SpiderCapo Harmonik Glove/Mutes are placed at a point of natural harmonics. When lowered to lightly touch the string, the harmonic will sound when the open string is plucked, AND the fretted note will sound when the player depresses the string under the glove.

They can also be used to mute selected strings to prevent string buzzing and ringing, which reduces feedback without losing tone. They slide onto the Finger Handle of the SpiderCapo.

Because the SpiderCapo/Harmonik Glove combo is not impeded by a strap or gizmo behind the neck, it can be placed at ANY point of harmonics, or even OFF the fingerboard behind the nut, such that selected Gloves can control feedback with minimal interference with the playing hand.


  • Model: Spider Capo Mutes
  • Manufactured by: SpiderCapo
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 798304240610
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