Rosette Flamenco Mute Practice Tool

Rosette Flamenco Mute Practice Tool

Model: RFM02 UPC: 087169742361
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Flamenco Mute Bridge Dampening System allows player to hear how nails and fingertips strike the strings. Designed for lower string height (7mm - 10mm). Height adapter strips included.

"This product is great for it's intended use. It will immediately help you hear and reduce the flaws in your tremolo touch. Nail noise is more evident and slight rhythmic inaccuracies are more easily heard, facilitating natural improvement. BUT it also makes a pretty awesome mute for tapping enthusiasts, allowing a great pizzicato effect while both hands are busy on the neck." -John SBM CEO and Owner

Reduces string movement and creates more resistance to help develop a smoother approach.
A Great training tool to learn how to play with less effort and tension.
Installs In Seconds
Safe For Any Guitar Finish
Great For Any Level Player
Instructions And Study Guide Included


  • Model: RFM02
  • Manufactured by: Rosette
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 087169742361

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