Aquila Red Series Mandolin Strings 1M

Aquila Red Series Mandolin Strings 1M

Model: 1M UPC: 8052405532190
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A unique feeling and a strong, consistent sound. Until now, it was necessary to increase the gauge of a string for it to produce a lower-pitched note. But increasing the string’s diameter also increases internal dampening. That makes the string less bright, less responsive and more muffled; the thicker the string, the duller the sound. Our revolutionary new approach — unique to us — changes the specific weight of the material, increasing it progressively to leave the gauge almost unchanged.

The result is amazing: instruments sound brighter, more powerful and more responsive through the entire range of the fret board. The strings also maintain their intonation better, because thicker strings need to be fretted harder, pulling them further out of tune. RED SERIES sets provide superior performance over traditional strings for musicians who love bright sounds and powerful voicing across the full scale of the instrument.

You never heard a sound like this before, simply because before it did not exist.

Attention: This set is suitable for Baroque and Modern Mandolin only. Please do not install them on Country Mandolin.

LEGEND: 1e=RED 2a=BLUE 3D=GREEN 4G=WHITE(red wound)

Please watch the video below. Aquila Red Series strings are not covered by any replacement warranty per Aquila Strings. These are delicate strings and require proper replacement technique and stretching.

To avoid potential problems, please make sure the string slot in the nut is wide enough. This is easily determined by putting the string in the slot and visually checking the fitment before installing the string. A radiused lower edge at the fingerboard side is also very important. Some ukes have a sharp lower edge. These strings are very reliable under correct conditions.


  • Model: 1M
  • Manufactured by: Aquila
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 8052405532190

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