Carlevaro | Cuadernos - Didactic Series for Solo Guitar 1-4

Carlevaro | Cuadernos - Didactic Series for Solo Guitar 1-4

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Cuadernos - Didactic Series for Guitar 1-4
New revised edition commemorating Carlevaro`s Centennial
Bilingual edition: Spanish / English
Instruments: Guitar
Categories: Educationals

100 Years after the birth of the unforgettable Uruguayan Guitarist, Barry Editorial presents the bilingual edition of the famous Cuadernos, unified under one cover

Cuaderno No 1
Diatonic Scales

Cuaderno No 2
Right Hand Technique (Arpeggios and various exercises)

Cuaderno No 3
Left Hand Technique (Moving of the left hand along the diapason)

Cuaderno No 4
Left Hand Technique (Conclussion)

A good technique must be the product of a conscious mental work. One must not forget that the details, the search for concrete solutions for each part of a work, is what will finally give the best results. In this form of facing the study, in the care and polish of details, is where the student will find a secure path for his improvement. When the student is able to solve and overcome the isolated sections, when he is able to find the most eloquent and adequate form on the applied mechanism, he becomes aware of the possibilities of progress, he starts living the music awakening in the work. And this work will also give him more security in performance, a control and own command typical of a true performer. -Abel Carlevaro

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Original Publisher: BARRY EDITORIAL, Worldwide exclusive representatives.


  • Model: 18205 / BC4073
  • Manufactured by: Barry Editorial
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9789505400263

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