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  • Model: GITANO

Gitano, Classical Guitar Support


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An excellent alternative (or addition) to a footrest offering less stress on the lower back by helping to maintain a good solid playing position. Compact and portable, the Gitano attaches to the base of the instrument with two suction cups. Suitable for both left and right-handed guitarists. The design features a hinge which allows the support to collapse when not in use. Leave it on your instrument or store it in your case. Endorsed by Andrew York.

A suction cup protector is included with the Gitano. As with any suction cup protector, please make sure the finishes of new guitars have cured for at least 6 months before use. For guitars with a shellac finish, the Gitano is not suitable. The supplied semi-permanent suction cup protector aids in suction ability, but is highly recommended for high gloss finishes only, not french polish or expensive guitars.

As of spring 2014, the Gitano is slightly larger in size.

Note: It is recommended that guitar supports and other removable accessories that attach to the guitar be removed after each use, and only used on fully cured finishes at least six months old.

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