Guitar Player Nails, Instant Nail Kit

Guitar Player Nails, Instant Nail Kit

Model: INK
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Perfect for classical guitarists. They sound great and have a range of tone like a natural nail. They're very durable - you can play as hard as you want. Because of their durability, they're great for flamenco and steel string players.

Guitar Player Nails take about 10 minutes to apply, and can be removed easily.

"This is a huge revolutionary change for guitar players. I think even you do not realize how big of a revolution this represents. We are now in the realm of bassoon and oboe players with their reeds!!" -Eliot Fisk.

Everything you need to make great fingernails.
The Instant Nail kit contains enough nails and material to create over 100 fingernails.

Instant Nail Kit Contents:

  • 50 type 1-A wide pre-formed nails (can be trimmed to fit)
  • 10 type 1-A extra wide pre-formed nails
  • 2 Instant Nail II strips
  • Fingernail Glue
  • 6" self adhering fiberglass wrap
  • 5 micro-pipettes
  • 4 way nail file
  • 4 1/2" X 5 1/2" 1500 grit sandpaper
  • 1 manicure stick


  • Model: INK
  • Manufactured by: Guitar Player Nails
  • Condition: New

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