n-Butyl Cyanoacrylate Fingernail Glue and Strengthener

n-Butyl Cyanoacrylate Fingernail Glue and Strengthener

Model: n-Butyl
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From Guitar Player Nails who brings you the famous Instant Nail Kit, this is the same type cyanoacrylate glue that doctors and veterinarians use for sutures. An equivalent to this glue is "Vetbond tissue adhesive". They sell 0.1 oz of that for about $20.00, whereas you can get this 1/2 oz bottles (5 times as much) for only $11.95. You can use this glue with, or without silk wrap.

n-Butyl fingernail glue is different from standard types of fingernail glue, (ethyl cyanoacrylate):

  • less brittle
  • no irritating odors
  • very thin
  • wicks very well
  • when used correctly, it makes a great, durable fingernail glue

Also works great as a nail hardener/protector for natural nails. Add n-Butyl glue to the natural nail to make a tough, durable fingernail.

If you do run your nail into a wall or?, and crack it a bit, it won't affect the underlying nail. Simply add a little bit more glue to the area of the crack for a quick repair, or remove the old glue, and apply some more.

n-Butyl glue works great for applying pre-formed nails, however for applying Instant Nail Strips, GPN recommends using their regular fingernail glue. (Ethyl cyanoacrylate).

It's important to wipe the top of the bottle thoroughly after use, as it has a tendency to stick the cap to the bottle if you don't. It's best to store this glue upright in a small glass or cup. And if you want to travel with it, you can put some into a pipette, and store it in a small plastic bag. 5 dispensing pipettes and silk wrap are included with each bottle.


  • Model: n-Butyl
  • Manufactured by: Guitar Player Nails
  • Condition: New

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