Thomastik-Infeld Power-Brights RP109 Electric Guitar Strings 9-46

Thomastik-Infeld Power-Brights RP109 Electric Guitar Strings 9-46

Model: RP109 UPC: 9003918701435
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  • Product Type: Full Set
  • Full Set # of Strings: 6
  • Tension: Extra Light+
  • Full Set Material: High Output
  • Winding: Round Wound
  • Core: Hex
  • Full Set by 1st string gauge: 0.009
  • Full Set by last string gauge: 0.046


Thomastik-Infeld Guitar Strings

Thomastik-Infeld Power-Brights Electric Guitar Strings - RP109 (.009 - .046), Full Set
Thomastik Power-Brights Electric Guitar Strings are amazing strings that are being discovered by more and more guitar players every day. Light top strings, combined with heavy bottom strings, force the instrument to sustain. The plain strings are made of highly flexible steel with a brass coating to prevent corrosion. The wound strings have a hexagonal core for greater flexibility, and are wound with a "magnacore" special alloy for high output. Power Brights, with their high output level, are specifically designed for use with special effects, making them the ultimate strings for rock guitar players. Plus, they outlast anything on the market! You have to hear and feel them for yourself. Specifications:

* Brass Coated Steel Gauges: .009-.011
* Magnacore Alloy, Hexagonal Core Gauges: .017-.026-.037-.046

"(RP109) I was highly impressed with the brass coated trebles. All 6 strings are quite flexible compared to other 9's and have a searing output that charges my gain in a realm I had not experienced before. Combine that with a bell like clean tone and it makes for quite a unique set. (Mahogany PRS 20th Ann./B52 AT100 Head/4x12 Celestions)"
-Ben, SBM Staff


  • Model: RP109
  • Manufactured by: Thomastik-Infeld
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9003918701435

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